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Recycling at Budget Skips Direct

With households creating so much waste, its important that we manage it in the right way.

What IS recycling?

Recycling is the process of re-using a given product beyond its intended use, or producing a new product from a recyclable material.

The teams at Budget Skips Direct currently recycle around 85% of all materials that arise from waste collections around the UK. The same high expectation and dedication to recycling is sought from all of our skip hire suppliers.

The amounts of waste is set grow each year and as such our network of suppliers help to reduce the demand on the natural resources by ahceiving a high level of recycling.

FACT: Every UK household produces over one tonne of rubbish every year
FACT: Over 55% of the rubbish we put into out bins could be recycled
FACT: Almost £40,000,000 worth of alumininium is binned each year.
FACT: 100% of glass is recyclable.
FACT: We use over 12 million tonnes of cardboard and paper each year.

The peace of mind can be gained from using our registered teams of skip suppliers.

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